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Every picture is unique. Everyone has treasured photos that they love. A precious moment captured in time. Of mums and dads,  grandparents, family weddings and holidays, the choice is endless. Over time, your old photos can start to show their age, becoming faded, creased or damaged. Fortunately, most of these problems can be rectified by photo restoration techniques, bringing your old treasured photos back to life.As the interest in family history increases, more and more people are choosing to have their special pictures restored, preserving them as digital images for their future generations to enjoy.

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Don't let those precious moments fade away!

What does photo restoration involve?

Restoring a photograph is all about enhancing and improving the original image.

The starting point is your scanned digital image. The first step is to repair any type of visible physical damage to the photo, like creases, folds and tears. Followed by removing any sorts of blemishes like scratches, marks, spots and stains. The final stage is to maximise the appearance by adjusting elements like contrast and brightness, colour balance, reducing graininess and sharpening detail where possible. The colourisation of a black and white photo, if required, is then undertaken after the image is repaired. 

Photowizard restoration services include

Photo restoration

Repairing any visible physical damage to the photo

Repairing creases, folds, tears and torn-up photos

Restoring faded photographs

Restoring stratches, mould and liquid stains, spots

Adjusting colour balance and restoring the original colour


Photo retouching

Image manipulation

Creating missing or damaged sections of a photograph

Taking out or putting in elements of a picture, like people, unwanted bits of background like chairs and any unwanted clutter

Cutting out people and replacing the background.

The possibilities are endless



Colourisation is colouring an old black and white photograph to replicate the colour of the subject at the time the photograph was taken.

Selective colourisation is colourisation of a particular element, like people or cars leaving the rest of the image in black and white. 

Photowizard restoration services include